Mr. Mohammad El Medawar is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, CertNexus Authorized Instructor, expert training professional and consultant, and a speaker with 10+ years of experience in the Information Technology field.

His areas of expertise are Data Analysis and Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Infographics, Digital Transformation development, accompanied by broad international exposure spanning across diverse cultural groups within MENA, and Asia.

Over the course of his career, Mr. El Medawar has delivered numerous training programs that varied in participants’ size and complexity for various large regional organizations.

He has spent his ten career years delivering advanced IT topics, where he has helped subsidiaries of major global organizations implement solutions, develop IT strategies, optimize business processes, improve customer satisfaction through IT enabled solutions, and increasing availability through deploying multi-channel delivery of services.

His focus has always been on technical strategy execution, managing the execution of strategic initiatives and major digital transformational efforts that improve customer and employee experience, processes and performance improvement and operational excellence while aligning with the overall organization strategy.

As an instructor, Mohammad El Medawar is registered trainer at Microsoft, and is affiliated with several other training organizations, he has conducted formal and certification courses on Data Analysis, Microsoft Office, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Infographics, and IT enabled Transformation. In addition to that, he is a regular speaker at regional congresses on the topics of integrating trendy IT tools in ministries.

Mohammad El Medawar has a very strong academic background as he holds a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and holds several professional certifications as Microsoft Office Specialist Master, Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner, Data Analysis and Visualization Master, ICDL, IC3, PHP, Online Safety. In addition to that, he was chosen several times as a judge and mentor in the jury of the Train The Trainer courses, and in numerous Startup Sprints and IT bootcamps.

His teaching style is based on the problem-solving technique. He explains the problem that every employee is facing at work and the struggle that he faces, then he introduces the solution by explaining the topic. Mr. El Medawar truly believes in Einstein’s quote that says “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”